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We Got All Things That Are Good CD

Image of We Got All Things That Are Good CD

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Smashing their way like a magic bus full of power pop love, Tasmania’s Sole Stickers plant their Converse sneakers on the pedal and grind the gears up the hip shaking highways of rock’n’roll on their debut album We Got All Things That Are Good. Nailing a classic British infused garage style, Sole Stickers enlisted Jon Auer of The Posies, who mixed the album and added his musical finesse via internet collaboration from the super fuzz capital of Seattle (USA).

We Got All Things That Are Good features eleven blistering songs, filled with music that is a return to the sub three minute single, driven by the garage guitar riff, wild drums, middle 8's, boys singing like girls and the occasional freaked-out feedback solo. It also showcases guest performances by Jon Auer himself, as well as Kim & Lulu of Seattle’s beloved Fastbacks.

1. Sometimes I Just Don't Know
2. What She Did Find
3. That Girl's Not Real
4. Where Do You Get Your Wardrobe?
5. Everything
6. Sludge
7. You Look Like Someone Told You To Smile
8. I Don't Wanna Go Out With You
9. Let's Go Play Records
10. Nobody Cares What You've Got To Say
11. Country Ballad #8

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"Sole Stickers sits squarely in power pop territory. Co-produced by Jon Auer from The Posies, We Got All Things That Are Good is replete with things that are good." Beat Oct 6 2010

"Fuzzed-out power pop is making a big comeback, and it's a welcome one thanks to bands like Tasmania's Sole Stickers doing the genre proud" Blunt Magazine, Oct 2010

"You'd be hard-pressed to get me to say anything bad about Tasmania, or anything Tasmanian. Especially when it's something as undeniably awesome as 'We Got All Things That Are Good', the new album from Launceston three-piece, Sole Stickers."

"Poptastic garage rock. There's a definite nod to the sixties in the harmonies and four to the floor rhythms" DAN BUHAGIAR Triple J Senior Music Producer

"Is there anything more wonderful or rare than being blown away by a debut album? How about upping the ante to a locally made debut by a Launceston-based garage rock trio - this is that album." The Mercury, Hobart. Oct 18 2010

"Once again another promising band comes out of Tasmania… the fair old city of Launceston this time… and boy oh boy do three piece rockers Sole Stickers have something great to offer."